ARC Document Scanning Services Makes it easy and fast for you to digitize your documents. Place them in the ARC provided boxes and we’ll do the rest.

Transform large volume of paper documents into searchable digital files with our bulk document scanning services. We will scan all your documents so you can access your information from any devices and anywhere, save precious space, and keep information safe from natural disasters or staff departures.

Scan by the box

Bulk Document Scanning Service by ARC.

$ 199.00 per box (15”x12”x10”)

What’s included

  • Storage box from ARC
  • Scan to PDF at 200 dpi
  • 3 fields of indexing
  • ARC link to download data
  • Pick up & delivery 20 miles within ARC store
Additional Services

Rates are per box

  • Additional indexing per field - $5.00
  • Searchable OCR - $5.00
  • Shredding - $7.50
  • HIPAA request documents - $30.00
  • Data on DVD or Hard drive - $25.00
  • Upload to customer own portal - Upon estimate
  • Custom batch uploads - Upon estimate
Turnaround time

  • 1-5 boxes - 10 business days
  • 11- 20 boxes - 20 business days
  • 5-10 boxes - 15 business days
  • 21+ - Upon estimate

Bulk Document Scanning Service

Your documents and information are safe with us. Our team of document conversion experts keeps a highly secure chain of custody as seen in the workflow below meeting the most stringent requirements. Our facilities and processes are HIPAA compliant.


Barcode all boxes
and documents

Inventory and secure
seal documents at
customers sites

Secure transport
of documents to
HIPAA center

Inventory & confirm sealed boxes at
HIPAA center


Secured and
surveilled storage


Prepare documents in
secure environment


Scan documents, data
encrypted at rest


Document indexing and
data normalization


quality review


Image processing
and OCR

Image and data migration,
encrypted at all times



Secure transport of
documents, return to


Document destruction
at HIPPA center

Additional information

  • Content must be paper-based business documents
  • Content must be in relatively good condition
  • Post-it notes, flags or other attachments will be removed and discarded
  • Content will be returned in original box in same sequence as received
  • Binding materials will not be reapplied
  • Maximum 25 characters per index field
  • Index data will be collected from front page of each document, or folder tab
  • Maximum of 50 documents will be indexed per box
  • As an option, output files will be formatted to "Multi-Page Searchable Image PDF" format; otherwise, output files will be formatted to “Multi-Page Image Only PDF”

North American Coverage

With 150 scanning centers in the US and Canada, we are where you are.

Fast Turnaround

Thanks to our extensive document scanning team, we can meet your most urgent request


Our document scanning services can accommodate scanning projects of any volumes or complexity levels. We can scan almost any type of documents

What documents can be scanned?

Short answer: Most documents can be scanned


  • Business Documents
  • Customer Contracts
  • Financial Records
  • Purchasing Documents
  • Personnel Records
  • Facility Plans
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Legacy Documents
  • Blueprints
  • Schematics
  • Books
  • Aperture Cards
  • Microfiche
  • Microfilm
  • Archival Records
  • Maps
  • Invoices
  • Legacy Documents
  • Xrays
  • Photos
  • Slides
  • Film Negatives


  • Employee Records
  • Benefit Documents
  • Payroll Records
  • Labor Negotiation & Contracts
  • Occupational Health Files


  • Facilities Documents
  • Maintenance Records
  • Passenger/Ridership
  • Records

Health Care

  • Patient Files
  • Doctors’ Notes
  • X-rays

Marketing & research

  • Forms
  • Questionnaires
  • Studies
  • Surveys

Accounts payable

  • Invoices
  • Year-end Files
  • Expense Statements
  • Purchasing Records
  • Bank Statement


  • Case Files
  • Discovery Documents
  • Correspondences
  • Contracts
  • Client Files
  • Deeds
  • Wills


  • Planning
  • Maps
  • Building Permits
  • Benefits
  • Street Records
  • Housing Files
  • Microfilm
  • Plans


  • Student Transcripts
  • Student Records
  • Personnel Records
  • Facility Plans
  • Board Meeting Minutes
  • Historical Records


  • Engineering plans
  • Parts/Assembly Drawings
  • Maintenance Records
  • Part lists
  • Service Records
  • Microfiche
  • Facility Plans
  • Equipment Manuals
  • Warranty Records


  • Delivery Tickets
  • Shipping Documents
  • Invoices

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HIPAA Compliant
Records Management

Safely manage documents containing PHI and PII and the risks associated with data security.

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1 What is document scanning?

Document Scanning is the process of converting hard copy paper documents into electronic file formats to reduce storage costs, and allow more flexibility in searching and sharing the documents with others.

2 How much is it to scan 1 box?

Our new “Scan by the box” system will cost you $199 per box. We also have several optional a la carte add-ons such as:

Additional indexing per field - $5.00
Searchable OCR - $5.00
Shredding - $7.50
HIPAA request documents - $30.00
Data on DVD or Hard drive - $25.00
Upload to customer own portal - Upon estimate
3 Do you provide the box or can I use my own box?

Yes, and Yes, We will provide the boxes (15”x12”x10”) but you can also use your own boxes as long as they are 15”x12”x10”.

4 What is included in the $199 per box rate?

The rate of $199/box will include the following:

  • Storage box from ARC
  • Scan to PDF at 200 dp
  • 3 fields of indexing
  • ARC link to download files
  • Pick up & delivery 20 miles within a ARC location
5 What is the turnaround time to scan boxes?

We do our best to scan your documents as fast as possible, here is our typical turnaround time (business days):

1-5 boxes - 10 days
5-10 boxes - 15 days
11- 20 boxes - 20 days
21+ boxes - upon estimate
6 Can you handle personal information?

Yes, ARC scanning facilities are HIPAA compliant and can handle and scan documents containing PHI (Protected Health Information) and PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

7 What sizes of paper can you scan?

We can scan paper as small as a business card, all the way up to Maps and Drawings 60” wide by any length, even 20 feet long!

8 If my document has multiple pages, can they all be scanned into one file?

Yes, our methods of scanning can create a multi-page file, most commonly PDF, even having thousands of pages into one PDF file.

9 What are the most common files that you can scan my paper to?

95% of all paper we scan will be converted to a PDF file. On rare occasions, we also scan to a TIFF file format and sometimes others.

10 If my paper documents contain color charts or colored text, will the color be retained?

Yes, be sure to ask for “Color” or “Auto-Color” when requesting service from your vendor. Auto-Color is a method where the scanning equipment examines the page image as it is being scanned, and if there is color present on the original page, then the images saved will also be in color. Otherwise if there is no color on the original, then the image is saved as Black & White.

11 Why would I not scan everything in color?

You certainly can, but be aware that images containing color are much larger than images of just black & white. This is why the Auto-Color option has become a very popular choice for customers.

12 What is OCR in simple words?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. When scanning paper, the immediate result is an image (or picture) of the page. The text on the page is not actually held as “Text”, instead it appears to you and I as text, but it is actually a series of pixels (dots) that form the shape of text. Therefore, in the immediate scanned image, no text is actually present. Next, we run the image file through specialized software that examines the shapes that are formed by pixels, comparing the shapes to actual text characters and then finds the closest match, to create a representative text file. Most commonly, the representative text can then be searched to find specific words or phrases that might have existed on the hard copy paper.

13 Is the OCR result accurate?

The OCR result is only as good as the original hard copy image that it was scanned from. If the original was clean “machine printed” text, then the OCR result can be as accurate as 98% or 99% at the character level. However, if the text on the original was obstructed, or if the original page images was weak in contrast or poor in image quality, then the accuracy of the OCR will quickly diminish

14 Can you scan my paper to an MSWord format?

Yes, the OCR result can be saved to .doc or .docx format, but understand that much of the formatting characteristics, such as tab indenting, numbered or bulleted lines will be lost or not carry the actual formatting characteristics. If you are seeking to have pages scanned to MSWord formats, be prepared to spend time editing the results, and cleaning up the OCR’d text to make the Word file fully usable.

15 If I scan my documents, how will I be able to find them?

In addition to the file naming and/or naming of folders; There are two other ways to search and find electronic documents. First involves associating metadata (aka index data) to the files created. By associating this metadata, some software tools will allow the user to search the metadata to find specific documents. As an example, you can associate a document type such as “Contract” to your electronic result, and also associate a date of expiration of that contract. Therefore, you could search for “Contacts” that expire between a certain date range. The second way to search is by applying OCR technology to create a text representation from the original, where that text can also be searched. So now, you could search for “Contacts” that expire between a certain date range, and that also contain a specific name or phrase, to further refine your search.